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Toy Story Treats are a series of shorts that aired on ABC's lineup in 1996. A few largley focus on Woody, Buzz, Rex, Hamm and the aliens. Some of the characters that appeared in the movie don't appear such as Mr Potato Head, Slinky (Due to their copyrights), and Bo Peep. Jim Hanks voices Woody instead of Tom Hanks due to busy schedules. Also, Pat Fraley voices Buzz.

​List of Treats

1. Waiting for Andy

2. Rex in Danger

3. Shadow Play

4. Story Time

5. Hat Dance

6. Buzz Becomes Obselete

7. Road Block

8. Woody's Nightmare

9. Space Rangers

10. This Won't Work

11. Staring Contest

12. King Me

13. Over Here!

14. Checkers

15. Rex at Play

16. Opticall Illusion

17. Guess Who

18. New Planet

19. Give it a Spin

20. Night Time

21. Waiting in Line

22. TV Time

23. Why Doesn't Andy just get a Cable?

24. That Urkel Slays Me!

25. Channel Surfing

26. Force Field

27. Paleontological Debate

28. The Age Of Dinosaur

29. Fast Food

30. New Aliens on the Block

31. Oooh, Ball!

32. Good Start

33. Circus Gag

34. Woody Imposter

35. Go Fish

36. Robotic Affairs

37. Green Army Men Chants