Small Fry
Season N/A, Episode Two
Air date November 23rd, 2011
Written by Anus MacLane
Directed by Anus MacLane
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Small Fry is the second episode of Toy Story Toons. It was theatrically released with "The Muppets"


Buzz gets replaced by a miniture of him at a restraunt.


It begins with Bonnie and her Mother at Poultry Palace having lunch, which her toy is a Zurg Belt Buckle. Disgusted, Bonnie didn't like the belt buckle, and wanted a Buzz Lightyear, but they were all out of Buzzes. A Mini Buzz and Mini Zurg figure talk about being played with. Mini Buzz goes out of the display, But Mini Zurg stays because "He doesn't want to get in trouble with the chicken people". Bonnie brings Rex and Buzz in a ball pit for playtime, until Funmeal Buzz pulls The Real Buzz out of the way and Bonnie's Mother picks up the two toys, Not knowing she picked up the wrong Buzz. Bonnie quickly throws her bag in the room and goes downstairs. Woody smells chicken which Funmeal Buzz jumps out of the bag and introduces himself to Bonnie's toys standing on Rex's head.

Back at Poultry palace, Buzz tries to escape until falling into a room of Discarded Funmeal toys. He meets a mermaid called Queen Neptuna, whom she is the leader of the "Discarded toys group". She introduces the rest of the Funmeal toys who are discarded. Funmeal Buzz skates around the room waiting for playtime. Rex tries to explain he is the real Buzz, But Woody tells him he's 3 inches tall. He tries to talk to him about playtime, But Funmeal Buzz takes his hat and pretends to be a Cowboy. Angry, Woody chases him to get his hat back.

Back at the Storage room, Queen Neptuna talks about playtime. She tells Lizard Wizard to be played by Buzz, until he notices a toy called Garry Grappling hook is a shootable toy. Buzz asks if he could leave and uses Grappling hook to climb himself up. Woody tells the other toys to rescue Buzz at Poultry Palace, Until Buzz returns to Bonnie's Room safley. Buzz asks Funmeal Buzz for an apology, whom he does back at the storage room.

Back at the display case, Funmeal Zurg laughs at the Zurg Belt Buckle's sounds saying "it cracks him up sometimes", ending the episode.