Partysaurus Rex
Season N/A, Episode Three
Partysaurus rex title card
Air date September 14th, 2012
Written by Mark Walsh
Directed by Mark Walsh
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Partysaurus Rex is the third episode of Toy Story Toons. It was Seleased with the 2012 Theatrical 3D release of Finding Nemo on September 14th, 2012


Rex throws a party in the bathroom with new toys.


The episode begins in Bonnie's Room with the toys blowing a huge bubble, until Rex tells them that they're getting soap on the floor and Mr Potato Head calls him "Party Pooper Rex". They hear Bonnie's mother tell her it's bath time which the toys flee (Except Rex). Bonnie plays with Rex in the bathtub with her bath toys, until she leaves for her Grandma's.

After leaving, The Bath toys greet rex until the water gets drained. Rex uses his arms to get this "party" started and turns the Water on. He throws toys in the bath tub, until he notices they are going to overflow, knocking out the other toys who are asking if he's alright at the door.

After the overflow, Rex tells the other toys about being a partysaurus, until he meets pool toys who throw a party with him, ending the episode.