Hawaiian Vacaion
Season N/A, Episode One
Hawaiian Vacation title card
Air date June 24, 2011
Written by Jason Kratz

Erik Benson

Directed by Gary Rydstorm
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Hawaiian Vacation is the first episode of Toy Story Toons. It was theatrically released in front of Cars 2 on June 24, 2011.


The toys build a Hawaiian hotel for Ken and Barbie.


The episode starts with Woody announcing that Bonnie is leaving for Hawaii with her Mother for a Week. Bonnie runs in the room and packs her things for Hawaii and says bye to her toys. After Bonnie has left, Barbie and Ken unzip out of Bonnie's bag thinking they're finally in "Hawaii".

Woody and the other toys see Barbie and Ken in Bonnie's bedroom, Whom Woody corrects them saying they're not in Hawaii which Dolly warns them that they're leaving. Shocked, Ken becomes upset that they don't get to ride with Bonnie. Ken runs into her Backpack, crying, Which Barbie tells the reason why She and Ken wanted to go to Hawaii, Their first kiss. The Toys think of an idea to cheer Ken up by making an imaginary Hotel.

Barbie tells Ken to come out of the bag which Jessie greets him by saying "Aloha!". Woody greets the two and takes them to a Suitcase counter for "The Bonnielikeoke Resort" which is held by Mr Potato Head. The toys take them on various "Adventures" for their Hawaiian fun.

After their adventures, Barbie and Ken go on a dinner date and Chuckles puts on a Show with Buzz dancing holding a glowstick. Woody tells the two that it's almost time for their first kiss, Which Barbie and Ken leave the restraunt. Slinky tells the other toys to look outside of the Window which Ken and Barbie finally share their first kiss in the snow, Until they fall into the snow.

After Digging them out, Woody and the other toys try to break them out of the Ice which Buzz says "Best Vacation Ever"