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Toy story 2, Toy story 3, Toy story toons: Hawaiian Vacation


Jodi Benson


Ken, woody, buzz, Jessie, bullseye, Mr potato head, Hamm, rex, slinky, aliens, Mrs potato head


Lots'o huggin bear, twitch (formerly), sparks (formerly, Ken (formerly), Chunk (Formerly), Stretch (Formerly)

Barbie is a character on both Toy Story 2 and 3. She is voiced by Jodi Benson. She is based on the doll with the same name, Barbie.                                                                                                       


Toy Story 2

When Hamm, Mr. Potato Head, Rex and Slinky are looking for Woody in Al's Toy Barn, they see a Barbie aisle. Hamm tells one of them if they know Al of Al's toy barn. and Tour Guide Barbie answers that she can help. She jumps in a car, and she talks about seats and she finds the Buzz Lightyear section. Another barbie doll appears at the airport where Stinky Pete gets trapped in a little girl's backpack, and tells him that Amy (the little girl) is an artist. Three more barbie dolls appear in the end when Wheezy sings "You've Got a Friend in Me" as back up singers. she appears in the credits saying goodbye, she says that her cheeks are "killing" her and she went to take a break.

​Toy Story 3

Barbie reappears in Toy Story 3 as Molly's toy, and she is donated by her when she starts donating some of her things to Sunnyside. When the toys ride off to Sunnyside, Barbie starts to cry over Molly. Andy's Mom arrives at Sunnyside to donate some toys although she never noticed Andy's toys are in the box. Bonnie's mom takes the toys to the butterfly room, and they see children playing with toys. Rex wants to see the chidren, but he accidentally knocks the box off a shelf and the toys meet the sunnyside toys. Barbie and the toys meet Lots'o Huggin Bear, then she meets Ken, and both instantly fall in love. Lots'o takes the toys in the Caterpillar room, but Narbie wants to go with Ken. So Ken and Barbie hop on Lots'o's truck. While the caterpillar kids play with the toys roughly, Buzz sees through the Butterfly room which reveals the Kids are playing with toys gently. She reappears in the scene when her and ken are confessing their love to one another. She hears Ken trapping the toys in storage bins, and rips Ken's scarf off. later, she gets trapped in a storage bin. She hears Woody who returned in the next morning. She starts fake crying to get Ken to take her in his Dreamhouse, and she watches Ken model a few outfits for her. Until, she interrogates ken to switch buzz back to play mode, she threatens him by ripping his clothes if he doesn't tell her where the manual is, but Ken tells her that it is with Bookworm. She dresses up as an astronaut, and Bookworm sees her high heels and sighs disgustedly. She appears helping the other toys reset Buzz to play, then gets knocked out by Buzz's wings into spanish mode. She and the toys escape from the daycare, then they find a thrash chute. The toys slide through the thrash chute, until Lots'o in the Way. Ken then finds Barbie and Andy's toys being trapped by Lots'o, and stands up for the toys. Then the garbage truck comes and picks up Andy's toys (Except Barbie and Ken). She reappears in the Epilogue when she greets Zurg and other toys which arrived at Sunnyside.


  • She is one of the characters that is based on a real toy.
  • She is the only main character to be recurring on Toy Story 2, but a main in the third movie.
  • She was supposed to appear in Toy Story, as Woody's girlfriend, only Mattel didn't give Pixar the rights because they thought the movie was gonna flop. This was proven wrong as the Toy Story movie became a hit.